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Convention Committee

The Convention Committee organizes numerous aspects of SPSP's annual convention and preconferences, such as selecting convention locations and awarding convention travel funds. Convention programming also falls under this committee’s responsibilities.


Jennifer Beer headshotJennifer Beer, Chair
University of Texas at Austin


Evan Apfelbaum headshotEvan Apfelbaum
Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Elliot Berkman headshotElliot Berkman
University of Oregon


Lisa Jaremka headshotLisa Jaremka
University of Delaware


Nick Rule headshotNicholas Rule
Univ. of Toronto


Chris Fraley headshotR. Chris Fraley, Symposium Panel Co-Chair
UI at Urbana-Champaign


Kerry Kawakami headshotKerry Kawakami, Symposium Panel Co-Chair
York University


Kenneth DeMarree headshotKenneth DeMarree, Single Presenter Co-Chair
University at Buffalo


Amy Summerville headshotAmy Summerville, Single Presenter Co-Chair
Miami University