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Past Participant Reflections

Participants, mentors, and graduate student mentors all offered positive, enthusiastic feedback about taking part in SPUR. The professional relationships, learning and collaboration opportunities, and advancement of research provided by the program make it a truly unique experience. Additional information is available for prospective participants and mentors

“An unforgettable learning experience”
“A summer of firsts”
“Full of growth and enrichment”

Read more about the experiences of our SPUR participants:

Ahmed Alattas headshot  

Ahmed Alattas
University of Washington
Mentor: Dr. Larisa Heiphetz, Columbia University

Alana Bertin headshot  

Alana Bertin
McGill University
Mentor: Dr. Ashley Votruba, University of Nebraska – Lincoln

Daphne Castro Ling headshot

Daphne Castro Lingl
Indiana University Bloomington
Mentor: Dr. Jackie Chen, University of Utah

Krystal Duarte headshot  

Krystal Duarte
California State University, Fresno
Mentor: Dr. Shelly Gable and Dr. Dan Conroy-Beam, UC Santa Barbara



Khanh-Linh Duong headshot  

Khanh-Linh Duong
Knox College
Mentor: Dr. Sarah Gaither, Duke University

Ben Huynh headshot  

Ben Huynh
Wabash Collee
Mentor: Dr. Juliana Schroeder, Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley

Jose Martinez headshot  

Jose Martinez
Florida State University
Mentor: Dr. Virgil Zeigler-Hill, Oakland University

Yazmin Meza Lazaro headshot  

Yazmin Meza Lazaro
Pomona College
Mentor: Dr. Jessica Remedios, Tufts University



Christina Tahtouh headshot  

Christina Tahtouh
The University of Texas at Austin 
Mentor: Dr. Jay Van Bavel, New York University

Ana Vielma headshot  

Ana Vielma
St. Edward’s University
Mentor: Dr. Nicole Stephens, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University


Sonia Baron headshot  

Sonia Baron
Florida Atlantic University
Mentor: Dr. Greg Walton
Stanford University

Ronnie Clements headshot  

Ronnie Clements
Harding University (AR)
Mentor: Dr. Sapna Cheryan
University of Washington

Ashlee Joseph headshot

Ashlee Joseph
St. Thomas Aquinas
College (NY)

Mentor: Dr. Maureen Craig
New York University

Yvette Lugo headshot  

Yvette Lugo
California State University
– Northridge

Mentor: Dr. Jamil Zaki
Stanford University

Vy Ngo headshot  

Vy Ngo
Lawrence University (WI)
Mentor: Dr. Hal Hershfield
UCLA Anderson

Thao Pham headshot  

Thao Pham
Augustana College (IL)
Mentor: Dr. Shelly Gable
UC Santa Barbara

Jesus Saavedra headshot  

Jesus Saavedra
Weber State University (UT)
Mentor: Dr. Bettina Casad
University of Missouri – STL

Crystal Sola headshot  

Crystal Solano
California State University
– San Bernardino

Mentor: Dr. Keith Maddox
Tufts University

Felix Wu headshot  

Felix Wu
Rice University
Mentor: Dr. Sarah Gaither
Duke University


Ipeknaz Erel headshot

Ipeknaz Erel
Franklin & Marshall College
Mentor: Dr. Hal Hershfield

Fasika Hailu headshot

Fasika Hailu
University of South Florida
Mentor: Dr. Sapna Cheryan
Stereotypes, Identity, and Belonging Lab at the University of Washington

Ngan Hoang headshot

Ngan Hoang
Gustavus Adolphus College
Mentor: Dr. Jamil Zaki, Leor Hackel
Stanford University

William Jettinghoff headshot

William Jettinghoff
Indiana University
Mentor: Dr. Jesse Graham

Ecem Kunter headshot

Ecem Kunter
TOBB University
Mentor: Dr. Juliana Schroeder
UC, Berkeley

Miriam Morales Suárez headshot

Miriam Morales Suárez
University of Puerto Rico
Mentor: Dr. Sarah Gaither
Duke University

Shayan Shokrgozar headshot

Shayan Shokrgozar
College of Idaho
Mentor: Dr. Janina Steinmetz
Utrecht University

Dhairyya Singh headshot

Dhairyya Singh
Ashoka University
Mentor: Dr. Kristen Lindquist
UNC Chapel Hill

Shantal Taveras headshot

Shantal Taveras
Haverford College
Mentor: Dr. Rachael Jack
University of Glasgow

Jake Yang headshot

Jake Yang
Texas Christian University
Mentor: Dr. Wendi Gardner
Northwestern University

Ipeknaz Erel headshot

Roxie Chuang
Wesleyan University
Mentor: Dr. Hal Hershfield
UC, Santa Barbara

Fasika Hailu headshot

Deanna Ibrahim
Muhlenberg College
Mentor: Dr. Jay Van Bavel
New York University

Maria Escobar headshot

Maria Escobar
Saint Vincent College
Mentor: Dr. Cara MacInnis
University of Calgary

Precious Hardy headshot

Precious Hardy
Lincoln University – Missouri
Mentor: Dr. Wendi Gardner
Northwestern University